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We are an Entrepreneur’s organization working for entrepreneurs since 2008,  We are branch owners with Profit and Management background expertise.

Our background in small business management lets us provide integral solutions to small businesses, contractors, and sub-contractors, we started by providing Personal Income Tax Preparation, but we discovered an important target that was in need of more help with launching and managing their initiatives.

We decided to take advantage of our management experience in and outside of the United States to serve the people with our same vision and passion for service to others.

Our vision is to help contractors, subcontractors, and small business owners to succeed by offering the required administrative support allowing entrepreneurs to develop and concentrate in their own economic activities.

Our objective is to become a service organization that offers support and trust to our members through integration,synergy, and help with their business growth, by becoming their administrative office and their main business ally.

What makes us unique is the personal attention, commitment, and energy we bring to each client relationship. Our strategy plan defines to have an office near you with a Professional Agent with experience and expertise in Profit and Management Issues.

The e-Center is affiliated to the biggest supplier software US companies to provide our services with the higher technologies available in the market.

We are creating an Organization of Service with better quality standards than the biggest of Corporations  because we will never give up the face to face attention to our clients and will provide better solutions for a better price.

We are also registered and authorized by the IRS to provide Tax Preparation and e-file Services.


What we do

We are  Profit Experts near you to help your business become more profitable. In addition we provide Accounting Services and a website based tool to manage your business

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