Become a The e Center Agent

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Welcome to The e Center, The “one stop entrepreneurs center”

The e Center has discovered that very small businesses have unique financial and managements needs that have not been adequately serviced by the big corporations of accounting, payroll and tax services. Because of this, The e Center has developed a strategy plan to provide direct support to this target through of our The e-Center Agent training program designed to help graduates acquire the expertise necessary to fully satisfy these small business needs.

With Oscar B. Pena and since 2008, we open our first branch at Valrico, FL which one have successfully reached the base clients need to continue serving to his customers and have been the pilot branch to expand our services to another areas in middle of Florida State.

Our first branch experience give us the credentials to start our journey and invite you to join us its.

If you are interested in start a profitable and challenger career in management, accounting and tax services we invite you to visit our site. Take our tour to learn how The e-Center Agent program can be the opportunity than you were waiting.


Run your own branch

Your own management, accounting and tax practice


How do you ensure that your efforts are going be recompensed? And Where do you begin and what do you focus on first?

The e-Center Agent Program will provide you with a blueprint to success. After three years spent on our first branch, we know the best approach in launching and growing a profitable practice. Our training, software and coaching program will equip you with a customized marketing plan, techniques that can generate up to 70 small business clients and 200 induvidual whose will file income tax in your Branch in one year, than will produce to your branch at least of $125,000 in annualized billings or gross revenue.

Taking that first step to secure your dream need not be frightening. Allow The e Center to walk you through the process, taking you down the proven pathway to success and profitability.

We have a full line of Bookkeeping, Payroll , Tax and Management services.

Marketing materials designed to help you generate revenue for your agency.

A customizable company website to help drive clients to you.

As a The e Center Agent, you also decide how to run your business and develop your unique business plan.

The e Center’s Exclusive Agents are Independents Branch owners, not employees of The e Center. The e Center’s Exclusive Agencies are not franchises.

This is a limited opportunity just to create 10 new Branch in the Area Central of Florida at 2012-2013

Applicants must pass eligibility requirements and agree with all terms and conditions as outlined in the The e Center’s Exclusive Agency Agreement.

Step by Step

To get you own branch


After 3 years working on our concept we know exactly how reach the goal. We already did it one time. we now will teach you How do it? you will be properly trained…We will give you all the tools to your success. You won't regret this investment.

The e-Center will teach you the art and science of small business management that your will learn just not to grow your practice but to help to you clients also.

With The e Center you can start your journey to launch you  agency regardless how skilled you are in Accounting and Tax Services. You will need 2 tier before you reach  be  BRANDED   to open your own BRANCH


During this tier you will be been fully trained, getting your credentials, creating your own business entity, recruiting your first clients and even you will be recompensed with up to 40% of gross revenue that new clients generate. In this tier you will could evaluate if The e Center Agent Program is what you want to do.

Investment required : $2,999.00 Initial

Duration : 3 to 6 months


During this tier you already will be working directly  with your clients, assuming total control over them,  creating your marketing, operational and financial  plan, hiring your part time assistance branch manager. Looking for a local options, establish a new location  for you Branch,

and preparing the GRAND OPENNING

Investment required : $3,999.00 Initial

Duration 3 to 9 months.


When you reach this level you will be 100 % operating you own management branch, you will have reached your base client generating enough revenue to be your practice highly recompensed. You will be creating new opportunities to others entrepreneurs like you coming back you.

Investment required : $7,999.00 Initial



Learn how


In order to be ready to run your own branch. We bring you step by step  to the next level, you must know how about BOOKEEPING, PAYROLL, TAX, INSURANCES AND MANAGEMENT PRACTICES. Once you accept the challenger, you'll be able to contact our expert support coach anytime during regular business hours that you need a question answered or a challenge addressed. Your coach can help you apply the The e Center  principles, strategies, tools and techniques to your specific situation in implementing your customized study plan.

The e Center Agents go to market prepared. Not only does our education program provide a comprehensive foundation — it's include in your investment fee.

The e Center 's 12-36 weeks of education includes products, technology, and sales techniques self study courses from accredited providers at the regional office and home office with some courses offered online.

You'll also get on-going consultative support from a Branch Manager Leader for business planning, business results reviews and marketing processes


Your Location

Look for Current Agent Opportunities


The e Center, wants to work with you because you know the needs of your community. Together we'll be able to use your knowledge and build your branch. We strategic plan point the following cities at the Florida Central to open a Branch in the next 2 years:

  1. TAMPA

* Work with our General Manager to choose a geographic location that suits your interest.

* Use Census population and economic data to help you make an informed decision.

* Enhance customer experience with signage and collateral materials from the The e Center.



In order to get CERTIFIED as a The e Center BRANCH MANAGER you must have completed and reached the following credentials, which one are included at Tier 1 y 2 Investment Fees:

  • Notary Public of Florida State
  • IRS – Acceptance Agent
  • IRS – Registered Tax Preparer
  • Certified Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Business Tax
  • FL-DOR Authorized Agent
  • e-file Provider Authorized Agent
  • Insurance Management Specialist
  • Trained Sunbiz user


The following Licensed software will be provided free during the first year that you are been trained and planning the opening of your new Branch… After first year your Branch will pay those respective fee that apply.

  • The e Center’s Memberships Management System (MMS) : After first year fee will be $8.33/month by Client.
  • Bookkeping Software : After first year fee could be between $300 and $500.00 / year
  • Payroll Software : After first fee year will be $25.00/month by Client
  • Current year Income Tax Software (Updated Full Version) : After first year fee will be $10.00 per e-filed Return.
  • Prior year Income Tax Software (Updated Full Version) : No Additional Cost after first year.


In order to get the respective credentials. The e Center will educate to you about the following subject :

  • Income Tax Return 240 hours
  • Notary Public 8 hours
  • Bookkeeping 120 hours
  • Insurance Management 16 hours
  • The e Center MMS 24 hours


What we do

We are  Profit Experts near you to help your business become more profitable. In addition we provide Accounting Services and a website based tool to manage your business

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