New Small Business

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If you're Starting a Business in Florida-USA, begin by joining us, we are entrepreneurs like you , contact us whatever your project may be.

Business Plan Builder, with the access code to our website you can learn how Build a Business Plan, or one of our Agents can help you get it done.

Business License, with the access code to our website you can learn about Federal, State and County License requirements.

Face to Face real advice in choosing a formation, Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp? See Comparison of Business Entities (Chart)

As each client is normally either a sole proprietor Business or family-owned business we take the time to analyze the impact of Business Finances on Personal Finances, thus providing professional advice to reach the best impact on the family Finances.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does The e Center do for you?

    As per our slogan “One stop entrepreneurs center”, in just one site you will get everything you need to start, maintain, operate, grow and protect your business.

    With your website access you will get reminders for business tax deadlines, corporate management tips, and more to help simplify running your business.

    Join your business to The e Center

    As a “The e Center” member you can get all the administrative support that your business may need letting you concentrate in the core of your business.

  2. What services can I get at The e-Center?

    We put together all our services in 6 groups:

    1. Business Incorporation
    2. Insurances Administration
    3. Bookkeeping Services
    4. Payroll Services
    5. Tax Services
    6. Planning and Consultation

    If you want learn more about this, please click in the group name for more details.

    Membership Price

    Your membership price will be adjusted to your needs around the fiscal year. We provide a discounted price to our members for all the services that they need. If you know which services you will need around the fiscal year, you could get your price yourself by clicking GET MY PRICE or Contacting us for a Free Estimate.

  3. What “New Small Business Solution” offer?

    A customized membership with an affordable price, The e-Center help you to:

    • Incorporate your business with the State of Florida.
    • Get EIN.
    • Register your Business with the State of Florida to Collect and Pay Taxes.
    • Get the commercial insurances that you need.
    • Issue and send invoices to your clients.
    • Pay Vendors, employees, sub-subcontractors, and Suppliers.
    • Prepare a monthly Profit and Loss Statement.
    • File Monthly or Quarterly Federal and State Employment Taxes.
    • File Monthly or Quarterly State Sales Taxes.
    • File Federal and State Business Income, tax at end of fiscal year.
  4. What other benefits does the membership offer?

    • Membership Certificate, it certifies that you are a good standing, professional subcontractor, and that your corporation meets and complies with licenses, insurances and tax filing requirements.

    • Website access, to handle all filed Corporation documents.

    • Face to Face advising to help decide the organization structure, that best fit your interests.

    • Alternative address, physical address for your business, Fax number and email address.

    • Coaching, your access code to our website provides you with important techniques and Knowledge to manage your business.

    • Business Network, Your contact business information will be available in our Website to other “The e Center” members, Clients, and anybody looking for business.

    • Management tool, your access code to our website provides you with simplified tools to prepare job estimate, make budget and Analyze Costs.

    • Contracts/Agreements, your access code to our website lets you prepare proposal for your clients , prepare employee/subcontractor agreements and any other formal document that your business may need.


What we do

We are  Profit Experts near you to help your business become more profitable. In addition we provide Accounting Services and a website based tool to manage your business

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